The 4th NAMIBIAN Book Fair 6-7 September 2019


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Namibia Book Fair

Initiated by Yambeka Education Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, the Namibia Book Fair (NBF), is an event whose main purpose is to unite and create a platform for writers, publishers, readers and bibliophiles from all over Namibia to share and discuss in the importance of knowledgeable reading.

The book fair which comes into being for the third time this year will take place from 6th to 7th September 2019 and is expected to attract a large audience such as readers, writers, publishers and the public at large.

The NBF was officially launched on March 30th 2017 at Pepata restaurant and embraced by the Patron of the project, Ambassador Tonata Itenge – Emvula. With the theme for this year, “An Indigenous Treasure Hunt”, the NBF aims to help foster an appreciation of the diversity of Indigenous Namibian literature and languages through the power of reading.

Not only will it showcase and promote books, authors and publishers but the Namibia Book Fair will also promote its main aim, which is to encourage and create interest around the culture of reading and creative writing in Namibia.


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Past Events

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