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Mrs Kangaroo Visits Namibia

Mrs Kangaroo visits Namibia

 Mrs Kangaroo, a well-known author from Melbourne, Australia, is on a two month visit to Namibia and a few other Southern African countries. The local people, including the children and the media, are all excited to meet her. 

Kishikishi The Bad Monster

Kishikishi the bad monster

 Kishikishi was a big bad monster. He came to a new land to eat everyone. One boy was able to escape Kishikishi. Read this book and find out what happened. 

Nehoya & The Crocodile

Nehoya & The Crocodile

 Nehoya and Nkelo went to the river every day to fetch water. One day while they were fetching water, the crocodile snatched Nehoya, and took her to his house. Read this book to find out what happened. 

Iibamwenyo Animals

Iibamwenyo Animals

 "Iinamwenyo/Animals" is a remarkable bilingual picture book using names of common animals in Oshiwambo and English. Bonus! Learning numbers 1-20 in Oshiwambo and English and interesting facts about animals + 2 fun puzzles. .

The Jackal and The Hyena

The Jackal And The Hyena

 The Jackal and the Hyena were best friends. The hyena gave the jackal his only male goat because he said it was useless. But later, the hyena changed his mind… Read this book to find out what happened next. 

Sam Nujoma

Sam Nujoma The Founding Father Of Namibia

 The Sam Nujoma Children's Book tells the story of the Founding President of Namibia, His Excellency Dr Sam Nujoma, from his childhood to the dawn of Namibia's Independence.



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