Yambeka Children Media (YCM) is a Social Enterprise founded in 2009. Yambeka is a term, which literally means “Blessed” in the Oshiwambo language, spoken by the Ovambo people in the Southern African country of Namibia. Yambeka Children Media was created to promote Namibian and other African languages, history and traditional stories for children between 0-13 years. To date, Yambeka Children Media has published 12 children’s books. YCM received Honorable Mention awards from Namibian Children’s Books Forum Awards in 2012 and in 2018 for eight titles.


Kishikishi was a big bad monster. He came to a new land to eat everyone. One boy was able to escape Kishikishi.

Adventure with:

Chapaka Chiwaalo is a happy child. She lives in Tsandi, in the north of Uukwaludhi, Namibia, with her family and her best friend Dhila Mbangula. Chapaka has so many stories to tell you as you join her on her adventures.


Nekwa, Niilonga and Nuusiku learn an important message about respecting nature – in this case, the baobab tree. This story also teaches us that animals are capable of helping people, and if we respect nature and all living things, we can benefit in many ways.