4th Namibia Book Fair - Book Launch 2019


Author: Dr. Rosemary Shikangala

   Book title: Nadula the Young Princess of Nature

Date: 6th September

Time: 2:00 PM 

 Nadula the Young Princess of Nature walks to school alone through scary muddy waters, but she is never scared. Nature is her friend and the animals walk her to school 


Author: Dr. Rosemary Shikangala


Book title: Ndati’s Day Out

Date: 6th September

Time: 2:00 PM 

 Ndati is a young girl who has always stayed close to her grandmother in her traditional village, because her grandmother loves her dearly. But Ndati also longs to see what is outside her home and to play outside with other kids.  

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3rd Namibia Book Fair - Book Launch 2017


Author: Taimi Nghikebuae

Book title: Ongongololo  tai telek

Date: 16th September

Time: 10:00

 Kofeka okaana koye ‘nOngongololo tai teleke’ onguloshi keshe. “Ndee mondjuwo tuu tyolinginini!”...

“Ongongololo tai teleke oya pendula efimbo lokounona mwaame. Okambo otaka  hokwifa ounona vanini omufyuululwakalo.” - Elizabeth Nambundunga


Author: Ndaponah Shikangalah

 The Namibian Princess Adventures is a magical book that takes our children on an exclusive Namibian Safari adventures from the north to the east, to west and the south of Namibia. This kiddie’s book is created to educate our children about the beauty of our landscapes and its diverse cultures.

 As an activist, the aim of this book is to teach and encourage patriotism in the Namibian house at a young age. It is the only book so far that gives our children an opportunity to take a good look at Namibia as a whole from the geographic aerial point of view. 

 It also brings them closer to ground to be able to hear, touch, feel and taste the advantage of living in diversity with all their five senses.  


Authors: Silas Nangolo Mentos and Shaimemanya Ndeutapo Kondjashili


Keeper follows the story of Ethan Daniels aka Cetrix who is regarded as the KEEPER of earth since its rebirth. He has been on earth for over 4 billion years and has taken up various forms and shapes in his tenure as the Keeper of earth.

 He is not of this world and his original planet is called KAPAR. He has seen mankind’s greatness such as the invention of the first automobile and also its cruelty such as the enslavement of the black race by white imperialists.  His primary role has been and will always be protecting the element core against enemy forces, specifically against the Andro- Draconians who pillage and plunder all worlds in sight.