People’s Primary School Interactive Tech Library Project (PPS-ITLP)

   About the Project 

 The People’s Primary School Interactive Tech Library Project (PPS-ITLP) aims to increase the Namibian reading culture through enhancing reading experiences of children in Namibia.  New emerging technologies have been explored and designed supporting enhancements in educational technologies along with new forms of communication.  

Investing in a Tech Library can embrace innovations in technology providing users with enhancements in electronic reading materials along with new forms of communication. 

In some developed countries, libraries are being redesigned to accommodate the students of the 21st century.  While in Namibia, most public school libraries are utilized as storages which worsen the reading culture. 




  The aim of the project is to develop emerging technologies to increase children’s motivation and participation in reading activities, and creating an enabling reading environment.  Technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, and mobile applications have shown promising results in enhancing user experiences in many related fields. 

These technologies can be deployed in schools, libraries and other spaces where reading is encouraged.

This project will provide reading opportunity through ICT to individuals through collaborative and social activities.

There will be school based support for teachers and students; this will be provided by interns from Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and many other volunteers studying ICT.



  •  the first of its kind in Namibia inspired by a global movement of libraries of the future
  • it contributes to Namibian Vision 2030
  • was entirely co-designed by Namibian learners of PPS
  • deploys technologies developed locally with and for the children
  • is state of the art from an educational and technology perspective
  • will be a model library for other schools in Namibia and the region



Although there are libraries in all Namibian schools, more than 80% of the school libraries are not used and they lack adequate resources especially reading books to extend children's knowledge NengomashaT, Uutoni, W, & Yule, W (2012). Some of the factors contributing to the lack of functional school libraries in Namibian government schools include the deployment of untrained librarians, the lack of qualified librarians, and the lack of reading books.

These schools are attended previously Socially Disadvantaged Children. There are not many ICT opportunities compared to elite schools ‘Private Schools.’

People’s Primary School (PPS) Interactive Tech Library


Picture:    Last raw from the right: Teacher Khumo Kauahito, NUST Computer Science Student Albertus Coetzee,  Helvi Itenge, Prof Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, NUST computer Science Intern Nathan Dasneves, PPS principal Mr Xoagu, Mr Walter Kamungu, and Mrs Uavangua Mbasuva

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