YCM Book Clubs

YCM Book Clubs


 Dear parents, Helvi Itenge and Madeline Carlman would like to invite  you to join YCM Book Clubs. We want to support you start a book club for you and your children. This project means a lot to us.

About Madeline:

18 years ago, my father and I began reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe together after school. We read and re-read the book so many times that by the time I turned six, I had memorized every line. While my teachers struggled to help me read during this time, my father never gave up on my potential to become an avid reader. Due to his commitment in my future, reading was always my strongest subject and my favorite pastime. When I entered high school, I was top in my literature classes and regularly attendee of a parent-student book club. My book club brought my peers and their parents together to discuss heartbreak in the Hunger Games and faith in The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It taught me that reading was not a mere act, reading gave me access to other worlds. Indeed, when I gained admittance to a well-known college, the college cited my strength in reading as the reason for my acceptance. I would never have had the opportunities to learn and meet exciting people like Neal Degrass Tyson and David Cameron at my college if it weren’t for my father and my book club. While I know you are all busy and I am a complete stranger, I hope my story will inspire you to help Helvi and I start this initiative. If you and your family decide to commit to reading, it could open doors for your children in every corner of the world.

About Helvi

Growing up in the refugee camp I never had the opportunity to experience a reading club. In fact I didn’t learn my alphabets until I was 11 years old.  I never had the opportunity to read during my entire childhood nor attend a book club- as a result I struggled through my academic years. However, I learned that it is imperative to read to our children. I introduced reading to my children from day 1.  I would like to provide this opportunity for your children too. 

While we know you are all busy, we hope our stories will inspire you to join the Yambeka Children Media Book Club. If you and your family decide to commit to reading, it could open doors for your children in every corner of the world. 

Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of the Yambeka Children Media book clubs and we will send you more information. 


Tuli Amutenya - Responsible for collecting YCM Book Clubs books



Tuli is a community and data enthusiast working in Public Sector as a Data Scientist.

She enjoys spending time with children and young people. She often engages with scholars by assisting them to improve their grades for admission to the Higher Education Level. In her leisure time, she enjoys crafting and creating accessories for various occasions.